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Inspiring Scotland Contemporary China – Competition Winners Announced 2 August 2011

Background to the competition

Contemporary China LogoSince 2003 we have worked hard to establish educational links with the People’s Republic of China as part of the Scottish Government’s plan for international engagement. SQA has enjoyed a successful longstanding relationship with our partners Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Education (CSCSE) and Beijing Yinhong International Education Consulting Co Ltd (BY), offering SQA HNDs in China.

To celebrate this success SQA worked with its partners in China to organise two competitions with our Chinese Centres. Inspiring Scotland and Contemporary China were launched in Beijing on 22 October 2010 by Michael Russell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning.

About the Competition

Inspiring Scotland asked our Chinese students to take any aspect of Scotland that inspires them and develop a creative piece of work. Contemporary China invited our Chinese University partners to nominate students who are showing a passion for learning on the HND programme while demonstrating a commitment to their family, community, other students and university.

The Prize-giving Ceremony

Lv Pin Pin Performance Over 80 entries were received and underlined the important partnership we have developed with China. Xianglong Chen from Wuhan University of Technology won the top prize in the Contemporary China competition and Pinpin Lv, from Capital Normal University, the Inspiring Scotland competition. Miss Lv’s inspiration was Scottish music and she enthralled the audience with a rendition of Scottish air whistle music on the Urheen, a traditional Chinese musical instrument.

Neil MacGowan and WinnerCombining both Chinese and Scottish musical culture conveys love and friendship between both countries. Neil MacGowan, Head of Corporate Affairs (SQA), and Mr Che, Director for international Cooperation and Exchange (CSCSE) were delighted to attend the prize-giving ceremony in order to present the prizes and congratulate the winners on their success. We would also like to thank Philip Morgan, First Secretary of the Scottish Affairs Office, British Embassy in Beijing for attending.

The Grand Winners’ Prize

Competition Winner Miss Lv Mr Che and Miss Lv will travel to Scotland in late 2011 as guests of SQA and to attend the SQA Star Awards ceremony. They will also have the opportunity to experience Scottish culture and hospitality.

Full List of Winners

  • Overall Winner Contemporary China - Chen Xianglong, Wuhan University of Technology
  • First Place Contemporary China - Liu Mei, Central South University of Forestry
  • Second Place Contemporary China - Xu Pan, Nanjing University
  • Third Place Contemporary China - Cai Yuting, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • Overall Winner Inspiring Scotland - LV Pinpin , Capital Normal University
  • First Place Inspiring Scotland - Xu Tinting, Fujian Normal University
  • Second Place Inspiring Scotland - Fei Meng, Beijing BEIHANG University
  • Third Place Inspiring Scotland - Liu Yuanbo, Jiang Manrui, Yang Lisha, Qian Jie, Xin Wenting, He Hao, Yang Rui, Xiao Yao, Nanjing University