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Launch of SQA HND Ambassadors China 2016 11 March 2016

Launch of SQA HND Ambassadors China 2016

Since SQA and the Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange started working together in 2004, almost 26,000 students from more than 30 universities across China have enhanced their future prospects by achieving SQA HND qualifications.

SQA highly values this achievement and so, from 2016, we want to acknowledge the best of our students through our new SQA HND Ambassador scheme. Each year, we will honour one inspirational and enthusiastic student from each university that is delivering SQA HNDs in China.

An SQA HND Ambassador is a student who embodies all that is best about the SQA HND programme. Their commitment, their academic achievements and their passion make them a great ambassador for all that an SQA HND qualification enables them to achieve.

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