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New SQA Academy course now available; Produce HN Unit Assessments for Successful Prior Verification 29 February 2012

As part of SQA’s continued support to centres in China we have developed an SQA Academy course; Produce HN Unit Assessments for Successful Prior Verification.

Prior verification is a free service offered to approved centres who devise their own assessment exemplars for SQA qualifications. The service is designed to make sure assessments that are produced, meet SQA standards.

If you are involved with developing assessment exemplars used to assess SQA qualifications, it can be useful to know whether SQA would be satisfied that the assessment is valid and reliable. This service allows you to submit the assessment you have developed to SQA and ask for it to be prior verified by an External Verifier.

The course looks at how to create an assessment for submission for prior verification. It focuses on developing knowledge and skills relevant to producing summative assessments, which meet SQA standards. It also provides a step by step description of SQA’s process of prior verification.

SQA Academy provides training and development for all those who contribute to the assessment of SQA qualifications. Most of the courses on SQA Academy are only available to registered users enrolled on them, but some are ‘open’ courses available to anyone without the need to register.

The course can be accessed here: SQA Academy

And for more information about how to create a username and password for SQA Academy please access this Guide