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SQA Advanced Diploma in Computing: Networking

The rapid growth of the internet and e-business in the modern world has resulted in a global shortage of staff with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to enable them to work in the networking and internet-related sector.

An SQA Advanced Diploma in Computing: Networking covers all the fundamental aspects of computer networking and internet technology — including routing and switching technology, local area networks infrastructure and maintenance.

The SQA Advanced Diploma in Computing: Networking consists of 30 unit credits. Each unit credit has approximately 40 hours of timetabled learning and 40 hours of self-guided learning and study. The SQA Advanced Diploma usually takes two academic years to complete, but this timeframe is flexible.

SQA Advanced Diploma in Computing: Networking can allow advanced entry to an English-speaking university. SQA’s qualifications are recognised worldwide.

Course Tutor Guide (including Course Framework)

Title: SQA Advanced Diploma in Computing: Networking
Code: GM59 48

SQA Advanced Diploma in Computing: Networking Course Tutor Guide

Version Change - June 2018

Qualifications Guidance 2020-21

A Guide for Tutors

Communication Units

This document is aimed at tutors who are teaching learners whose first language is not English.

The purpose of this document is to provide a selection of formative exercises that will:

  • motivate learners
  • increase confidence in communicating effectively in English
  • prepare learners to successfully pass the summative assessments

Communication Units for SQA Advanced Qualifications

Research Skills

The guide provides support for developing good practice in how the Research Skills unit might be delivered, scheduled and assessed. It contains guidance on delivering the Research Skills Unit both on a stand-alone basis or integrating with other Units, and provides customised checklists for integration with various Graded Units.