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Huo Haoyang

Huo Haoyang

Huo Haoyang enrolled in the HND Administration and Information Technology programme in 2004 at Beihang University, Beijing. He chose the HND program due to its effectiveness, low cost and vocational approach. Before applying he researched the programme and its content. One of the most attractive things to him about the programme was that it offered a one year intensive course to improve English language skills helping students to meet the entry requirements for overseas universities.

Huo spent 3 years in China studying for his HND and found it to be cost effective as his expenses for the 3 years would have covered only one year studying abroad. After completing the HND Huo studied at the University of Hertfordshire where he gained an honours degree in Information Systems, Huo is now enrolled in the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Huo believes that the HND programme enabled him to not only gain knowledge and skills within his field of study but also prepared him for studying abroad.