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Shaodong Ma

Shaodong Ma

Shaodong Ma studied HND Electronic Engineering at Beihang University. His priority was to study something interesting and relevant to him rather than simply studying just to gain a degree. His attention was drawn to the HND Programme offered by Beihang University due to its content and opportunity to top up for a degree in the UK.

Shaodong found that there were some differences between conservative teaching and learning methods and those of HND. Electronic Engineering is known for being a difficult subject to study with a lot of information to digest. With the HND programme and the introduction of UK teaching methods Shaodong found the work load more manageable, he was able to build on his knowledge whilst working towards realistic targets to meet the requirements to pass each unit of the course.

Shaodong went on to study at the University of Hull where he gained an honours degree and is currently studying in his first year of a PhD course.