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Professional Development Conference

Professional Development Conference

From 23-26 August 2016 SQA welcomed our centres in China to attend the third Professional Development Conference in Shanghai. The theme for this year was ‘Turning Problems into Solutions’ and the aim was to support centre staff to develop their own capabilities by providing delegates with the necessary skills, hints and tips on how to address problems they may face in the planning, delivery and assessment of HND programmes.

Professional Development Conference

The 4 day conference programme was delivered by SQA staff and subject experts who provided centres with their wealth of experience and expertise and delivered presentations and practical sessions which focussed around the following areas:

  • Utilising external resources for teaching
  • Developing quality teaching materials
  • Introducing Research Skills: F60A 34
  • Using appropriate assessment techniques and methods
  • Applying professional judgement
  • Using standardisation as a tool for improvement
  • Linking these activities to SQA Quality Assurance Criteria
  • Providing hints and tips on how to share this information with colleagues in centres

For more information please view the Conference Programme.


All things are difficult before they are easy

Below you can access the key actions from each day.

Day one: utilising external resources and developing teaching materials

Key action points

  1. Register for the QQ platform; encourage your colleagues to do the same; create and upload a lesson after the conference.
  2. Consider how best to use apps to support teaching and learning.
  3. Incorporate standardisation into assessment preparation in order to avoid over-direction.

Day two: using appropriate assessment techniques and methods

Key action points

  1. Decide within your centre what approach you are going to take to deliver and assess the Research Skills unit. Ensure sufficient time as allocated so that the skills are fully developed.
  2. Download and read SQA Guide to Assessment and share this guide with your colleagues.
  3. For each unit, retain examples of good, borderline (most important) and poor assessment to help with standardisation.

Day three: using standardisation as a tool for improvement

Key action points

  1. Take the marking and standardisation activities from the morning sessions and use in your centre in order to further embed understanding of standards.
  2. Download, print and read the Course Tutor Guide for the HND you are teaching. Use this document in planning for the ongoing delivery of the HND.
  3. Download and read the Internal Verification (IV) Toolkit. With colleagues evaluate your own centre's approach to internal verification - using the evaluation tool provided

Day four: sharing learning post conference

Key action points

  1. Review your centre action plan agreed with the Subject Implementation Managers in light of your experience of the conference and adjust as appropriate.
  2. Match the verification criteria to the conference sessions. Identify who in your centre is responsible for each area. Complete the action planning for the verification grid.