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How to make the most of our resources and materials

Choose the content that fits best with whatever you are teaching or learning. If you identify more than one resource, consider using part of both, or running more sessions to cover all the content.

If you are planning a team presentation, select the relevant content and think about:

  • Who will deliver the presentation?
  • Who should attend the presentation?
  • What resources in your centre can you use? Procedure documents, assessments or reports could be used with the presentation. For example, you could use candidate assessments during a feedback on assessments workshop.
  • How long will the presentation last? The Continual Professional Development (CPD) sessions take two hours to deliver, so you should allocate at least this amount of time if you are using the CPD content. The Subject Implementation Managers (SIM) materials will take longer to deliver, but can be delivered over multiple sessions.

When you are delivering a workshop in your centre, you should think about the questions you could ask, and the discussion you could have, for each slide. Try to make any examples as relevant to your centre as possible.

Everyone should be reminded to keep a record of the development activities they complete, either individually or as part of a group.