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Internal Assessment Reports

Important resource to help you with continuous improvement

The Internal Assessment reports are an important resource for all staff involved in the management, delivery and assessment of HND programmes. The reports summarise the outcome of verification activity for specific subjects. They detail areas of good practice, and also areas which require improvement, therefore helping centres to understand potential areas of weakness so that improvement can be made in the future.

HND teams should set up a meeting with teachers, assessors and internal verifiers for each subject grouping that has had an Internal Assessment Report published. The report content should be discussed and you should identify what lessons you can learn from the report and what actions your centre will take based on the report. This might involve adopting some of the good practice reported or you may make changes to how you deliver, assess or verify a subject based on any weaknesses highlighted in the report.  You should keep minutes of the meeting – what you discussed and the actions you agreed – as these minutes can be evidence of reviewing practices during Qualification Verification events.

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