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HND Computing: Software Development

HND Computing: Software Development

Software Developer are needed in many different industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, engineering, environmental, public sector, instrumentation, petrochemicals, telecommunications, manufacturing, transport, utilities and defence.

An SQA HND in Computing: Software Development will give you the skills and theoretical knowledge that will be important to you as you into higher education and employment. Software development activities, including new development, modification, re-sue, re-engineering and maintenance, result in software products. Often software development is required during the development of electromechanical products.

The SQA HND in Computing: Software Development consists of a total of 30 Unit credits. Each Unit credit is designed to take about 40 hours teaching and learning (though it may take more or less time than this).

An SQA HND in Computing: Software Development can gain you entry in to an English speaking university.

SQA's prestigious qualifications are recognised worldwide.

Course Tutor Guide (including Course Framework)

Title: HND Computing: Software Development
Code: GG5L 16
Download: Computing: Software Development Course Tutor Guide (including Qualification Framework)
Version Change - March 2019

A Guide for Tutors

Communication Units

This document is aimed at tutors who are teaching learners whose first language is not English.

The purpose of this document is to provide a selection of formative exercises that will:

  • provide interesting exercises to motivate learners
  • increase learners' confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in English
  • prepare learners to successfully pass the summative assessments

Communication Units in HNCs and HNDs

Research Skills

The guide provides support for developing good practice in how the Research Skills unit might be delivered, scheduled and assessed. It contains guidance on delivering the Research Skills Unit both on a stand-alone basis or integrating with other Units, and provides customised checklists for integration with various Graded Units.