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HND Supply Chain Management
- GG2J 16

HND Supply Chain Management<br />- GG2J 16

Supply Chain Management is the management and control of all materials and information in the logistics process from the acquisition of raw materials to delivery to the end-user.

The SQA HND Supply Chain Management can be studied in the context of either the manufacturing industry or the non-manufacturing industry. In this SQA HND, the focus will be on supply chain manufacturing as it relates to the manufacturing industry, eg car manufacturing.

The globalisation of trade and business means that the study of an SQA HND in Supply Chain Management (Manufacturing) can lead to a fulfilling career. It will give you a working knowledge of the supply chain and the operational side of business, vital to someone working in a fast-moving industry. You will also develop the good interpersonal skills needed to work with people at all levels in a company.

Supply Chain Management is also known as logistics.

Course Tutor Guide (including Course Framework)

Title: HND Supply Chain Management
Code: GG2J 16
Download: Supply Chain Management Course Tutor Guide (including Qualification Framework)
Version Change-August 2015

A Guide for Tutors

Communication Units

This document is aimed at tutors who are teaching learners whose first language is not English.

The purpose of this document is to provide a selection of formative exercises that will:

  • provide interesting exercises to motivate learners
  • increase learners' confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in English
  • prepare learners to successfully pass the summative assessments

Communication Units in HNCs and HNDs

Research Skills

This guide provides support for developing good practice in how the Research Skills Unit (F60A 34) might be delivered, scheduled and assessed. It contains guidance on delivering the Research Skills Unit both on a stand-alone basis or integrating with other Units, and provides customised checklists for integration with various Graded Units

Unit Specifications

Cost Accounting F7JR 34

Assessment Support Pack

Outcome 1 – references to LIFO removed.

Cost Accounting (F7JR 34)

Revison of Unit

Total Quality Management (BA2A 35) has been revised by the Unit Supply Chain: Total Quality Management (HE0A 35). Centres may continue to enter candidates on the Unit Total Quality Management (BA2A 35) but all candidates must have completed Total Quality Management (BA2A 35) and also submitted results for the Unit by no later than 31/7/17.

Version change

The following Unit has been updated to remove references to LIFO

Cost Accounting (F7JR 34)

Centres should download the current version.

Accountancy Standards & Terminology

The following Units have been updated to take account of the requirements of Financial Reporting Standard 102 (FRS 102): Cost Accounting F7JR 34 (version 05).Centres should download the current version. 

  • Two additional mandatory Units

  • H8T2 33 Workplace Communication in English, SCQF level 6, to be delivered in Year 1 of all HND frameworks, as of August 2015.
  • F60A 34 Research Skills, SCQF level 7, to be delivered in Year 2 of all HND frameworks, as of August 2016.