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Roll of Honour 2016

On Monday 9 May 2016, SQA welcomed our second cohort of SQA HND Ambassadors to a ceremony in Beijing.

To become an SQA HND Ambassador is a very special honour. Each Ambassador exemplifies all that is best about the HND experience – commitment, academic achievement and a passion for life and learning.

Well done!

Showcase of our SQA HND Ambassadors 2016

Qing Zhang Beijing International Studies University  Qing Zhang
Qi ChenBeijing Institute of Technology Qi Chen
Danlei Ren Beijing Jiaotong University  Danlei Ren
Yu FangBeijing Normal University Yu Fang
Tian Ren Beihang University Tian Ren
Tianjing Chen Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Tianjing Chen
Zhuchen Xiao  Central South University of Forestry and Technology Zhuchen Xiao
Ziang Zhou  Central University Of Finance and Economics Ziang Zhou
Yuxin Tang MingDe College of Northwestern Poly-technical University Yuxin Tang
Yiwen Zhu East China Normal University Yiwen Zhu
Xinkun Yang Concord University College,Fujian Normal University Xinkun Yang
Xin Zhang Guangdong University of Finance & Economics Xin Zhang
Yu Qian Guizhou Normal University Yu Qian
Yang Qi Guangdong University of Finance  Yang Qi
Puyu Gong Inner Mongolia Normal University Puyu Gong
Hailin Yu  Fujian Jiangxia University Hailin Yu
Jiaqian Tang Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Jiaqian Tang
Quan Sun Ningxia University Quan Sun
Yijing Jia Ocean University of China  Yijing Jia
Chen Miao Renmin University of China Chen Miao
Jingxian Sun Sichuan University Jingxian Sun
Yuanyuan Zhong Shanghai Finance University Yuanyuan Zhong
Weiying Shi Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Weiying Shi
Pengcheng Qu University of International Business and Economics Pengcheng Qu
Luoyu Li University of Science and Technology Beijing Luoyu Li
Xinyue Hu Wuhan University of Technology  Xinyue Hu
Jinjing Liu Xinjiang Agricultural University Xinjiang Agricultural University
Tingting Xia Xianda College of Economics and Humanities, Shanghai International Studies University Tingting Xia
Jiaying Zhang Xiamen University Jiaying Zhang
Yajie Liu Xi'an Kedagaoxin International Education College Yajie Liu