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If you have further questions please contact us.

My college/university is interested in offering the SQA Diploma.

SQA works exclusively with CSCSE (Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange) for the delivery of the SQA Diploma in China. Any new centre must first get the recommendation for approval from CSCSE.

Once CSCSE has recommended you for approval, your college/university then applies for centre and qualification approval from SQA.

The approval process works in two stages: one, centre approval and two, qualification approval.

First complete an application form with details relating to the centre and for each qualification the centre is wishing to offer. If  the application meets SQA's requirements, we arrange for an approval visit to take place. An SQA official will carry out a centre approval visit and an External Verifier (SQA appointed subject specialist) will carry out a qualification approval visit. These visits ensure the centre is fully equipped to deliver the Diploma and has appropriately experienced/qualified staff for the qualification.

If you would like any further information or wish to apply for approval as an SQA centre please contact Jimmy Zhang at our Beijing office.

Does SQA have an office in China?

No - we have a China Country Manager, Jimmy Zhang, who is based in Beijing.

Jimmy is the first point of contact for all centres in China and works closely with colleagues in Scotland.


Where can I study the SQA Diploma?

We have centres throughout China - colleges and universities offering SQA Diplomas.

Does SQA deliver any other qualifications in China?

No. We work with the Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) to deliver SQA Diplomas.

Is my Diploma recognised in the UK and China?

Yes. The SQA Diploma is a widely recognised qualification.

SQA Diplomas have been delivered in China since 2004. Since then more than 10,000 students have gained an SQA qualification. When a Chinese student gains an SQA Diploma from a university in China they also receive a level 3 qualification from the National Occupational Skills Testing Authority (OSTA).

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