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Advanced Diploma Marketing toolkit

Marketing material is provided below to support existing centres in China who deliver SQA Advanced Diplomas.

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Copy for your website

You may want to include some information on your website explaining SQA Advanced Diplomas. This information can be helpful for parents and learners.

Suggested copy:

An SQA Advanced Diploma is a Higher Education qualification. They are vocational qualifications that use practical approaches to learning – including project and assignment work, team and group work, and research.

SQA Advanced Diplomas are globally recognised and can offer students an alternative, cost-effective route to university.

The high-quality qualifications help students to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to progress to further study or employment. SQA Advanced Diplomas are developed in partnership with colleges, universities and industry and are available in a variety of subjects.

Social media assets

We’ve put together a social media asset and accompanying copy you may want to use to promote SQA Advanced Diplomas:

  1.  SQA Advanced Diplomas are globally recognised higher education qualifications designed to develop high-level skills and knowledge. The Advanced Diploma is assessed in English and underpinned with a foundation year of English language learning, preparing you for overseas work or study. Get in touch to find out more.
  2.  The SQA Advanced Diploma is affordable, career-focused and delivered by experts. If you are intending to work abroad, or if you would like to study for a degree at an English speaking university, the diploma is especially useful. Get in touch to find out more information.
  3.  SQA Advanced Diplomas are valued by universities and trusted by employers. Hear from Xia Xinchen, an AD Year 2 student at one of SQA’s delivery centres:

‘The SQA AD program is a rigorously accredited academic program, which ensures that learners have access to high-quality education and training. Through this program, learners gain comprehensive academic and professional skills that will prepare them for future studies and careers.’

Video that can be used with above posts

Downloadable resources

Our guide to SQA Advanced Qualifications includes further information on Advanced Certificates and Diplomas, credit points, levels and subjects.

SQA Advanced Diploma Guide for Parents and Students (English)

SQA Advanced Diploma Guide for Parents and Students (Mandarin)

SQA Advanced Diploma Guide for China (English)

SQA Advanced Diploma Guide for China (Mandarin)

Diploma to Degree

You may want to include the following information on your website about the Diploma to Degree programme:

SQA offers Diploma to Degree pathways for SQA Advanced Diploma graduates. This means graduates can progress directly into the second or third year of an undergraduate degree at one of SQA's partner universities around the world.

Find out more about which universities around the world recognise the SQA Advanced Diploma.

Student stories

Shelley's journey from SQA Advanced Diploma in China to an Accounting Degree in the US

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Sun Yuyin's journey from SQA Advanced Diploma in China to a Degree in Canada

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