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SQA Events 2012-15

SQA event 2015

Date: 25-28 August 2015

We hosted the second Professional Development Conference In August 2015 at Xiamen University.

The objective of Conference was to increase centre capability in the management, delivery and assessment of HND programmes. The conference offered experts in this field and workshops covering:

  • centre management of HND programmes
  • development of quality teaching practices - planning and delivery
  • development of assessment practices - approaches techniques and standardisation
  • promotion of Understanding Standards across all centres

For more information view the Conference Programme.

SQA events 2014

Centre Training September 2014

In April 2014 SQA organised two training events to support the ongoing delivery of the SQA qualifcations.

Bejing Professional Development Conference - 5 September 2014

From the 1 to 5 of September 2014 SQA welcomed its centres in China to attend the first Professional Development Conference in Beijing. The aim of the conference was to provide Deans, Vice Deans, Course Leaders, Lecturers and SQA Coordinators with a deeper understanding to support the delivery of the SQA HND and to ensure its continued success. 

The 5-day conference programme was delivered by SQA staff and subject experts who provided centres with their wealth of experience and expertise and delivered presentations and sessions which focused on:

  • Introduction to valid assessments
  • Management of SQAs Quality Assurance Standards
  • Preparing and delivering high quality teaching
  • Preparing and carrying out high quality assessment

SQA event 2013

In 2013 SQA organised a Launch and Training Event to support the roll-out of the following revised frameworks for delivery from September 2013:

  • Computing: Networking
  • Computing: Software Development
  • Computing: Technical Support
  • Hospitality Management
  • Global Trade and Business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Travel and Tourism

SQA events 2012

In 2012 SQA organised two events to support centres in China.

In-country EV Training May 2012

To support in-country EVs in their role by providing updates on a range of HN subject areas including Financial Services, Business, Economics and Accounting. In addition, EVs attended workshops on assessment writing, Business GU2, Duties of an EV, Networking and Communication.

Centre Training September 2012

To support the roll-out of the revised frameworks for delivery from September 2012.