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Professional Development Conference 2017

From 22-25 August 2017, SQA welcomed our centres in China for the 4th CPD conference. The theme was ‘Improving competence, Improving confidence‘.

Our aim was to help delegates with developing their own assessment knowledge and skills, so improving capability and building confidence. Sharing this learning with your colleagues in your centre is crucial to getting best value from the conference. The conference offered a wide range of presentations, workshops and practical activities, supported by a number of speakers with extensive expertise in a range of business-related subjects, including Business, Financial Services, Accounting, and Administration and Information Technology.

The programme focused on the following areas:-

  • Understanding standards
  • Making appropriate assessment decisions
  • Changes to Administration units
  • Introducing the revised unit: Presentation Skills
  • Effective Standardisation

For more information please view the Conference Programme.

Key action points were agreed with the delegates for each day of the conference. See below

Day one

Key action points

  1. Managing People and Organisations Unit: Centres should access the materials from the workshop, and the Understanding Standards materials on the secure website, and use in their Centre for Standardisation and CPD.
  2. Administration Units: Ensure all colleagues within your Centre are aware of the new units, and as a Centre develop a plan for their introduction.
  3. SQA Co-ordinators: Develop a centre profile for performance across all verification groups (subject areas). Highlight areas where further development and support is required.

Day two

Key action points:

  1. Centres should access the materials from the Financial Services workshops and Understanding Standards website, to support and direct standardisation meetings for the 3 Units covered.
  2. Accounting: As part of standardisation, centres should ensure that they are fully aware of the accepted tolerance types and number for each Unit. This should be referenced during standardisation meetings and retained as part of IV records.
  3. SQA coordinators should meet with key IVs, Deans and line managers to convey the role of the IV, including their supportive role, to ensure more effective standardisation.

Day three

Key action points:

  1. Research Skills: Centres should download the new ASP. All staff involved in delivering the Unit should apply the learning from the ASP within their own role and share with others as appropriate.
  2. Centres should check each Unit they deliver to ensure they have the most up to date version. If Units have been updated, compare the existing and new Units and update teaching, learning and assessment approach as appropriate.
  3. SQA coordinators: Swap contact details with one other Coordinator. Join and participate in the informal group that is being set up.

Day four

Key action points:

  1. SQA Coordinators must ensure that the content of SQA newsletters and updates are shared with all of the appropriate centre staff.
  2. Understanding Standards is coming! All centres should watch for these materials, download and use them to develop a deeper understanding of the assessment requirements and standards for the appropriate Units.
  3. All delegates will download the relevant Qualification Verification Summary Reports for their subject area. This report should be read and the advice provided put in place before the delivery of the relevant Units.