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Resources with audio tracks

The SIM Materials (online workshops) and some of the 2016 Professional Development Conference materials are available with audio tracks to support the presentation. These have been specially recorded using the presenters’ scripts from the events. Any material with an audio track can be identified by the word (Audio) beside their title. 

To use a presentation with an audio track, follow these steps:

  • Click on the title of the presentation and select save. This will download the presentation to your PC.
  • Click on Open, the presentation will open in powerpoint format.
  • From the top menu bar, select SlideShow and click 'from the beginning'.
  • The presentation will now open in slideshow format and you should see a picture of a small speaker on the bottom right corner of the first slide.
  • Click on this icon to start watching the presentation with the audio track.

Note: as the audio files are quite large it may take a few minutes for the track to run.

Some versions of Microsoft Powerpoint may not run the audio tracks. This is not something SQA can do anything about. However, for all presentations with audio tracks, the script also appears in the Notes pages so you can read or deliver using the script whilst using the presentation as an alternative to listening to the audio track.

If you are delivering the presentation using the speakers notes, make sure you are very familiar with all the words on the script. You might want to personalise some of the content, for example changing some of the examples to ones relevant for your Centre.

You can deliver a presentation having the notes pages appearing on your laptop whilst the workshop attendees see the presentation on a larger screen through a projector. You can find guidance on how to set this up for your version of Powerpoint in the help menu. To find this information click on ? at the top right hand of the screen and select 'Deliver, distribute or publish a presentation'. From the menu that opens select 'Deliver a presentation on two monitors' and follow the guidance there.