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Qualification verification

Qualification verification is the process by which SQA ensures centres delivering Higher National and SQA Advanced qualifications are assessing their candidates in line with national standards, and that assessment decisions comply with our quality assurance criteria.

Specific quality assurance criteria that relate to qualifications:

Qualification verification focuses on:

  • ensuring the validity of assessment instruments
  • verifying the reliability of assessment decisions
  • verifying assessment instruments are used correctly
  • verifying assessment instruments are used in line with any assessment specification
  • ensuring the appropriate resources are in place to support the delivery of the qualification

Qualification verifiers are subject experts appointed by SQA to undertake qualification verification on our behalf.

The outcome of qualification verification activity will be issued on the below report template. This attachment contains a populated exemplar for your reference. Qualification Verification Visit Report

Full information on the process of qualification verification and requirements of the quality assurance is available in our Guide to Qualification Verification for Centres 2015-18 (China)