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Systems Verification

Systems verification is the process by which SQA ensures centres are managing their systems and resources to deliver our qualifications effectively.

This ‘Guide to Systems Verification for Centres in China 2023’ has been developed to support staff in SQA-approved centres in China through the process of systems verification.

Your centre will be asked to provide evidence of your written policies and procedures and ongoing implementation of these, to meet our systems quality assurance criteria.

We provide you with specific guidance in relation to each systems quality assurance criterion for systems in Part B of this guide, including evidence requirements and examples.

There are five categories:

  • Management of a Centre
  • Resources
  • Candidate Support
  • Internal Assessment and Verification
  • Data Management

This guide replaces the document ‘Guide to Remote Verification During COVID-19 for China Centres’, published in October 2020.

It is an update to the previous version, ‘Guide to Systems Verification for Centres in China 2015-18’, last published in 2017.

From August 2023 we will return to verifying against all the systems quality assurance criteria.